"i maintain that we are born and grow up with a fondness for each other, and that we have genes for that. we can be talked out of that fondness, for the genetic message is like a distant music, and some of us are hard-of-hearing. societies are noisy affairs, drowning out the sound of ourselves and our connection. hard-of-hearing, we go to war. stone deaf, we make thermonuclear missiles. nonetheless, the music is there, waiting for more listeners." -lewis thomas


also, i should add that i like reading the site in general. not just that entry. i think maybe because it seems so conversational. like somehow i know this person. [oddly, i guess, i don't talk back in said 'conversation'. which makes me a bit of an arse.. but i've never debated that point.]

i think that me linking to someone who quoted someone else about differing versions of facts, is slightly amusing.

this entry will be backwards. you are forewarned.


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i'm not sure why.