i've made mention of martha stewart before. and i've said i'm not too fond of her. but i think there are bigger fish to proverbially pan-sear with rosemary butter and baby asparagus. [ah, cheap shot.]

you see, it seems iraq isn't just an oil field we can sink our teeth into. nono. it is also a huge plot of fairly desolate land that our government have turned into a lush tourist spot by handing out huge no-bid contracts to corporations as they see fit. corporations they used to be a part of.

and in a move that says, what's good for bomb ravaged nations is good for us, it is happening here too. you see, in capitalism, firms bid for contracts, and the one with the best ability at the lowest price should win [often times just the lowest price, but whatever..] if we can't have an opinion that goes against the government anymore, or say, be from another country at all, why should we assume we can trust that the company with largest corporate scandal ever [worldcom at $11B+], is getting billions of dollars worth of work from the government.

so if i was a multimultimultimillionaire and say a good friend of mine owned a company that was waiting on government approval. i, being a good friend, would probably own a good bit of stock. i would also know that his company's financial future rested on this gov't decision. if he found out the decision was going to basically put his company under, and didn't tell me before hand, i'd be pissed as a runkle. [you hear me?]

don't forget.


"leftover salmon sucks." -anyone who was there.


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