being as i am; that is, an incredible wank. i've decided the best thing to do, after not writing for a somewhat considerable length of time, is to simply leave town for the next nine days whereupon i may or may not write. and though i would rather i actually wrote while away, i don't think i've started many entries with, "so, since i'm travelling.."

so i figure a quick recap of a few of my positions on points that i think should be looked over during my absence will suffice..

0. lists are great

1. i still find it rather disgusting that the only opinion we are allowed to have in this country is that the government is deital [not God, per se, but close] [i made it up, i do that sometimes], that anyone wearing camoflauge is a hero for invading a vastly inferior [military wise] country, and anything else is nothing short of treason. at least when iraqis weren't allowed to have their own opinions, they were told that up front.

2. i still like sleep.

3. apparently new zealand is having some sort of power crisis [i think you should hold the third l.o.t.r film hostage for spare electricity..] and i thought this idea was a rather good one. of course it seems to have matrix like undertones, which i found interesting for some reason.

4. i hope that within a day or two of my return to have a sort of side-page of [what i think to be] humour to be updated every few days. the material is mostly found and not created though, so it is hard to tell whether or not i will even push forward with it. maybe it will just be a temporary thing.

5. since i'm currently off of my toast binge, and even longer off my rice krispies rampage, i'm waiting for my next big craving. i'm unsure what it will be. please feel free to tell me what it should be. [it is a link to a survey. to be filled out. by you.]

6. also, feel free to email scanned notes you've found, humorous clips of conversation you've had, or various fotos of you or something/one as i will probably need some material for number four, and you can help. if you wish. you see.


"electric current, hallowed be thy name.." -e.t.


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