my only problem, besides not sleeping at a decent hour, is that 'fortunes' are not fully explained. 'fortunes' being those found in cookies [of the same name], those under bottle caps, and wherever else one might find them that doesn't happen to do with me at this very moment.

you see, while stopping at a tiny dive of a chinese restaurant on my way home this afternoon [it was average, but i'd eat there again, since you care] i got a fortune cookie with my lunch. luckily it was a good tasting one, with a hint of vanillaesque flavorish substance. in it was one of the best fortunes i've personally received, right up there with "do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you.", which is great so long as you are not some sort of social deviant. anyway, it reads, "a nice cake is waiting for you." between two happy faces of course.

i didn't see any cake on the table where i was sitting. nor on the rest of my travel. i asked people upon my return if they knew where my cake was, and they did not. i ended up buying cake, such was my mania. i didn't go to the store with the intent or even the thought to buy cake, so, given it was my fortune, would i have bought it had i not read the fortune? [and is it only my fortune if i read it? furthermore, is it only my fortune if i actually go there and it becomes in my possession? only time-life books and robert stack know the truth.] [scary ass music]

so, then, during the store trip whereupon i acquired myself some cake, i also purchased a soda as a bit of a treat. and the message under the cap tells me "an old friend will try to contact you."

first off, i don't think there are that many old friends that i want to contact me. and even if i do, this stupid cap only says "will try", without the bold of course. so somewhere someone i may or may not remember, let alone like, is trying to contact me.

also, i'm not fond of mosquitos.

and organic milk is the tops. < /fifties words>


"pizza! pizza!" -l.c.


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