i just rubbed my eye with the same finger(s) i picked up a spicy tuna roll piece with. and now it hurts..

since i've been away, i'll relate the following: i find it mildly annoying and a bit stupid of people who, when away for some period of time from public writing, say: "a whole lot has happened that i don't want to go over.." i appreciate the situation as i'm sure it has happened once or twice to me, lo these three years, but it just seems a bit of a cop out is all.

i don't get people who tan. not that i don't understand that the process occurs on peoples' skin. i don't understand people who do it on purpose. makes no sense to me is all.

finally, you know that movie "the sixth sense"? i didn't see it, and i'm not linking to it, but i know what the story is. but really, is seeing dead people really a sixth sense? it is still seeing them.

also, abe lincoln, hands down, good guy.


"you've got to pick a pocket or two-oo-ooh!" -j.t.


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