i'm not sure how well this sits with physiology or sleep science, but i have an idea. i think that at the beginning of the day, whenever that is for each individual [i.e. when you wake up], assuming it was a "good" sleep, that your brain and all the chemicals and all the influences and effects of said chemicals are all balanced.

and then we spend the rest of the day, as far as brain cells are concerned, throwing haphazard demands and chemicals at it. forcing calculations and requesting frustratingly small and specific details in response. let alone expecting every thing that normally goes on in the background, you know, life sustaining and whathaveyou, to just continue.

i have read a fair amount that says an unstimulated brain doesn't do well, so i don't know what exactly it wants or how sleep helps. i just know my head feels like a boxed jigsaw puzzle, shaken, not stirred. and waking up is like a radiohead song in vanilla sky.

i don't know why writing this was necessary.


"..my mind is on the blink" -t.b.


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