number of ice cream varieties that are tasty, and also include nuts = 1.

imagine, if you will, a venn diagram. one with a chardonnay coloured background that represents a much larger circle which stands for all currently produced ice cream varieties. the lavender, or periwinkle if you will, the easter chick yellow and the disgusting green circles would be labelled in your imagination i think. so as you can clearly see, there is only one that satisfies all of the requirements.

my imagination took much too long to produce.

i'm digesting this very one currently.

� things that people say, that i also hate. no venn diagram imagining please:

1. when one adult calls another adult 'kid'.

2. when people on tv or physically in front of my face say, '..well, everyone knows we should be in this war, what we need to worry abo..'

3. serious use of superlatives as fact.

4. when people tell the 'one bad grocery cart wheel' joke.


"and the fuzz treat bruhs like they manhood neva' was" -t.f.


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number 9.. .   .? andy andy andy, get your adverbs here

things are gettin' serious, kum ba yah