i know it isn't up to me to decide rules and, well, seating arrangements for that matter, as i am neither[matter of fact] the mayor of ruleingtonville [not the one in south dakota anyway], nor am i the editor-in-chief of spaceman etiquette biannual digest. [though i am a p.r. rep. and yes we here at sebd [it is pronounced "said", the "b" is silent, like in comb or dumb, which is a whole other joke around the office..] would like to be a monthly or at least bimonthly journal. but to be honest, there just aren't enough spaceman functions over the course of a year to warrant such a move.]

but why is it that the president gets to sit up in the front row at a memorial for the astronauts who died. perhaps i missed the fact that his wife or dad died on saturday as a result of the loss of the space shuttle. i could understand if he sat up on the stage with nasa and military people, even though he isn't nasa, nor military, because he gets that title of commander-in-chief from being president. personally i think the classy move would have been to sit in the row behind them. saying, hey, i'm not as important as you.

then again, he isn't really one to class it up so much as he looks like a rodent and has bad ideas and is generally dumb. [like sebd, you see?]

also, i can understand he and his wife coming in before the relatives at the start. i got that. the most important people come in last. but they should also get to leave first. instead, george and his wife saunter out. like one of the grieving widows or parents is going to knife him in the m�l�e that is exiting a memorial service.

and he has the audacity to wave and shake hands on the way in and the way out. and then when he speaks people clap for him. they didn't clap for anyone else. not for dead astronauts. not for people that matter. no. a dirty politician.

i don't say it often, but that is fucked up.


"we never_
ever lied.
from ten in the morning, we are honest til nine.
we are_
we never will manage, to be rude only twice." -n.


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but we like it..........................from that point of view