reasons i am tired of les etats-unis:

01. movies have to be obvious. and no more than ninety minutes long, lest the entire a.d.d. audience lose interest in four hundred different camera angles of an explosion.

02. we have things like a.d.d. that we use as blanket excuses. it isn't alzheimer's, and must be taken control of at some point in life.

03. more than half the people who can vote, simply don't. hence, bad things happen more often.

04. stupid shite like this. because a thirty year old album cover, where the cigarette is about five millimeters long, that is why kids are smoking. maybe it would be their call if they owned the rights to the photo.

05. while movies and television and music and magazines have to be so bloody obvious to appeal to the vast amount of idiots that live here, all information on food is kept as hidden as possible so that people eat crap. more often literally than they should be.

06. corporations get bonuses for screwing people over.

07. profit is all that matters.

08. profit is all that matters.

09. profit

10. is all

11. that matters..


"life used to be life-like.." -ani


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and i don't know where the bathroom is