[ so orange juice is innocent and winona isn't. fair's fair's fair. ]

i'm not beating myself up too much over yesterday's voting results, as i did what i could, and everyone else did what they could to be oblivious. i find it funny how we deplore one-sided governments abroad as being too prone to radical decisions, not balanced enough. yet here we are. then again, it isn't like we're far from one-sided at our most diverse moments. example, a political commercial on my radio the other day had some people proclaiming their decades of staunch democratic party voting, and that they were voting for the republican candidate. one lady, i consider myself a conservative democrat... um, yeah, she's a republican. instead of actually having a viable third party [ let alone multiple ones outside of the main two ] we just use cute little verbal labels to keep the environmental republicans separate from the liberal republicans and the religious republicans.. we opt for a small gradient instead of actual differing of opinions. it's sick really.

anyone who strictly party votes, be it dem. rep. or other, is a complete moron. [ with the exception of someone who has investigated everyone and actually considers all the candidates of one party to be the best. ] yet i'm sure many people, with one swipe of their marker, puncher, lever, or whatever they are using, flushed the toilet on it all. it isn't the end of everything, life won't end [ though i say this as i don't personally live in iraq ], and maybe in two years some of it can get rebalanced. unfortunately our ex-cocaine addict president will have enough energy to ruin as much as possible, i'm sure. i mean just look what he's done without full support of congress.

regarding christina aguilera [ if that is misspelled, for the love of pete don't correct me, i don't care. ], since when does being a visual whore [ at the least ] equal maturity? i'm fairly odd perhaps, but i don't recall a single instance of seeing someone humping someone else, or naked under an electric guitar and thinking, wow, what a mature womanly decision on her part. [ thanks man, i think i'm blind in one eye now..] desperate, extreme want of attention, yes. mental depth and growth, no.

finally, i had an idea that diseases are nature�s way of attempting to restore balance. with carnivores, if there are too many of them, food dwindles, numbers stabilize. herbivores, same. with us, we need actual retaliation focused against us for any hope of slowing us down. and what's more it uses our own sociality against us. i think it might be interesting if it were true. i'm a nerd though, so maybe not.


"when your coming down, think of me here.." -b.


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