random stuff. i saw a bit of a show telling me that white magic is finally gaining acceptance. i was unaware it was still a sore spot, but nevertheless news is news. [did i mention this was not on the news?] and a guy comes on to inform viewers that many people believe in the powers of white magic, whether they are aware of it or not. you and i know it as superstition. and i agree that many people believe in many dumb superstitions, black cats, thirteen, blah blah. but his last example i dispute. can not walking under ladders really be considered a superstition anymore? one either has to welcome the risk of paint, soapy water, or glass falling on them to walk under one. or, in the case of smaller a-frame ladders as most are, crouch and practically crawl under. hardly fearing white magic repercussions.

sitting in a chinese restaurant having just had hunan chicken set down in front of me, and kung po in front of my lunch companion, you know, normal chinese eatery meals, we hear a young man from the front ask. hey, do you have cheesefries? it was not a joke. tablemate blew up. gatorade went into my nasal cavity. person a few tables over looks over smiling because none of us know what is up. cheesefries? what? needless to say it was good humor, if bewildering.

to the person who signed the book anonymously at 12.30a [u.s. central time [gmt -6] ] on friday the 25th of oct. this isn't an angry reply at all. my entry you replied to, was me "correcting" others, and you doing the same to me is fully turnabout. and turnabout is, of course, fair play. and i wouldn't have even said anything if i hadn't heard a report from jordan last night as i was trying to fall asleep. a jordanian official said iraq [ih-rack]. so it rhymes. granted it may not be how the people of iraq pronounce it, if they even use that word for it. but if we pronounced everything natively, then we would hardly be speaking english. both ih-rack and ih-rock are acceptable. and so turnabout of turnabout must be the fairest play of all. [ /sarcasm ] and nom is french for name, feel free to leave it next time. [ people must hate me. ]

and after having read something just a bit ago i've decided that the excuse "i'm sorry, i was drunk..", or any derivatives [or integrals for some math nerdiness..] will not fly with me. not that it has all that often in the past. but no one is getting away with it around me. you chose to get plastered, everything after that is consequence, and saying that you chose to put yourself in such a state that didn't allow you to consciously choose subsequent actions is tantamount giving up the right to be silent. i will shut you out at best.


"tell a joke i ain't heard, tell a joke i ain't heard.." -t.s.


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