a few days ago, for some reason or another, i was thinking about a neighbor who lives across the street. he used to be married. he is no longer. he is my age. what i was thinking about is how much they [he, his relatives, friends..] badmouth his ex-wife. [which is a lot.] and which is worse, if either, to badmouth your spouse after everything is called off, or before and after?

and neither is good, in my opinion, don't misunderstand. for the most part it is a waste of time, and only productive if the person is so destructive or horrible or violent that other people need to know about it. but that isn't the case here. i mean when people just end up not getting on anymore. all of a sudden everything is wrong and horrible and blehhh.. it just seems there is a lot of things worth doing instead.

also, it is interesting how much stuff is passed on in his family. i swear it could be a genetic/situation study in itself. his grandfather died when his dad was youngish. both grandparents smoked. his dad and mom divorced when he was very young, at least his dad smoked. he is now divorced with a very young child, and also used tobacco. just interesting is all.

next. i was headed quickly to the grocery this afternoon as i needed some bacon for a bolognese-ish sauce. i get there, and wander a bit, as i am never sure if they have it stocked by the eggs and juices, a l breakfast section, or with the rest of the meats. it is the latter, so you know. i'm standing there looking at the representative strips and wondering whether or not they just put one good one on the back to fool inexperienced bacon purchasers. and then i hear, "daa-uumn", from somewhere behind me. it comes from a girl who i can only imagine was either as unimpressed as me by the high price of bacon, or even less so with my profile. [i think it was the bacon, i didn't ask, i left quickly.] i just didn't think the price was that shocking. then again, i didn't get the most expensive kind.

i put the sauce on cheese ravioli. it turned out rather well. as opposed to these last few paragraphs.


"my crew laughs at yo'r rhubarb and custard verses.." -t.s.


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