so the reason pres. dad jr. wants permission to do what he wants regarding iraq, or the reason he is giving, is that iraq is only cooperating now because of the threat of war. of course his real reason is to throw the nation headlong into 1992. d�j� vu meaning, what are the odds that a president's son would be president ten years later and throw money and people at the same country in an attempt to ignore the economy, and get himself not re-elected. okay, the public disagrees, and with the exception of the british prime minister [which i still don't understand why he agrees, except perhaps to remain alienated from the rest of europe], so does every other government. perhaps even this one.

meanwhile, everything on the pacific coast is rotting or going out of style like it is, um, going out of style. i realize that sometimes there are more important issues than the economy. i honestly do. but stopping billions per day to make sure that new "hi-tech" jobs will be in the union. and the government hasn't stepped in yet. farmers losing whole crops, and fragile foreign economies becoming less and less stable, yes, that helps our problems as well. can't we even get over ourselves? we force countries to become democracies, um, capitalistic, that is what i meant, and then screw them over after they succumb.

i'm no political scientist, but i've an idea. two birds one stone. so we let the u.n. decide on what to do with iraq, while we still push for weapons inspections. [ i'll grant that wouldn't be a bad idea. ] [ to be honest, there probably should be regime change, as it is a rather oppressive situation, but it is not ours to initiate. if the people start a revolution, we can help. the problem is, what do we do about chechnya, china, tibet, etc. i digress. ] if iraq lets it go through, problem solved, if not, then perhaps you will have a reason to want to start something. and during that time you aren't traveling the country looking rodently for support, you can go force the pacific dock people back to work. see how simple?


"mechanical heart where are your batteries ?" -t.c.


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