i may have really messed up this time. no, i didn't stop talking to a friend i've had since i was three at the drop of a hat, and never explain a thing. no, i didn't leave someone for someone else. and no, i didn't just rat on someone else's international drug-smuggling operation. [i'll leave it to you to decipher which two have happened to me however..] this is what i did do..

last week sometime an associate of mine calls me up to see if i want to go get something to eat. while throwing on a shirt, i realize it is my free tibet shirt and figure if we end up going to the chinese place by my house that i'll just change my shirt as i don't want to offend them. i know them and they know me and restaurant relationships like these don't happen outside of much cozier urban neighborhoods, i imagine anyways. there have been occasions in the past where i have gone straight there after an evening class and realised, rather last moment, only to have a spare shirt in my back seat, or a jacket, or i turned the shirt inside out.

as it happened, we didn't go there, but to another establishment. all is fine and well until later that evening when i decide that i am hungry and that chinese food is exactly what is called for. when did i realise what shirt i was wearing? when i was standing inside, at the counter, about to say the word "hunan," of course. at that point i figured my only chance was to act as if nothing was amiss. no tucking my shirt in up to my sleeves, no "renting my garments" a l� biblical times, and certainly no protesting outside with non-catchy slogan posters on sticks saying things similar to dalai lama's is more enlightened than general tso's. free tibet!. you see, these things would only draw more attention to the shirt, whereas i was hoping for less. and my man at the counter is not known for his non-astuteness. ever since the incident, mind you i've been there all of twice since, there seems to be less joviality than normal. i could be wrong, but that isn't the point.

what am i supposed to do here? and i don't mean what would the rest of the inconsiderate masses of the world do, i can figure that much. what is the right thing to do? do i draw attention to it and apologize even though he may have either forgotten about it or not taken offence or chose to overlook it? do i let it slide even though i may have offended him or hurt his feelings? at the same time, even though i feel bad, do i have the right to apologize for expressing my fairly innocuous opinion? [ i say innocuous because desiring the return of land that doesn't belong to you, seems reasonable.. ] should vegetarians feel bad for wearing a shirt that says "meat = murder in a grocery store? or anything else similar? yet again, i don't think that he is sending money back to support the chinese army to continue occupying said land, and may see it as an affront to him and his homeland. argh.

also, my glasses are bothering me, nose bridge region. as i assumed this is where they would bother me when i first got them, it is only three years late.

as for skittles adverts, i see one small problem with them. i enjoy them, some of them mildly, while most of the rest to quite a fair extent. they are usually visually and aurally pleasing, and in some sort of lush setting. the problem is, i want to be in that place, yes, but i don't particularly want the skittles. i will say, however, that i've almost purchased skittles on many an occasion even though i can never eat too many at one time. perhaps their scheme is exactly that, in which case it is so insidious and genius that i must purchase some at my earliest convenience.


"i float around in underwater hibernation..
in a hotel..
connected to the electricity board..
and nourishing.." -s.r.


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