even not taking into account many things that happened over the past few days that could fit into this category [though in a much different way], two things that occurred recently tell me that something drastic must be around the corner. the world simply cannot continue to exist as is with such abnormalities.

first, i purchased a bag of chips that was full to the top. if this weren't enough, and it is, it was the last of its type on the shelf.

second, leaving the library today i saw a man walk in with a thick, bushy beard and similarly thick and longish hair. he had on a backwards baseball cap, a long-sleeved button-down white shirt, a tie, wildly plaid boxers, longish striped socks, athletic shoes [trainers, tennis shoes, the like], and ankle weights. if you're as dumbfounded by the ankle weights as i was, please notice i made no mention of pants or shorts.

needless to say, i was glad my reading day had concluded when it had and that i was leaving. good book or no good book, it was time to go.

is it normal to at the exact same time think that you are more fortunate than most people in what you have in your life, and at the same time [though for different reasons] feel overly burdened as well? it's like a battle between self-pity and guilt and while no news is good news, so i'm told, i need one to win so i can combat it myself. that or find a sense of duty..


"and, you give me the most gorgeous sleep
that i've ever had.
and when it's really bad,
i guess it's not that bad..

you're really lovely
underneath it all
you want to love me
underneath it all
i'm really lucky
underneath it all
you're really lovely.." -n.d.


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