here's my problem with drunken people. they attempt to - either seriously or in a belligerently joking manner, which is a fine line away from serious for heavily intoxicated folks - express their burgeoning homosexual feelings towards me. now this would be fine were i either appreciative of said belligerence, or too drunk to mind and/or notice. neither will ever be the case though, so my diselatement will continue.

i find it more than mildly disturbing when someone stops at an intersection more than a reasonable amount of distance from the vehicle in front of them. often it is someone driving a newer vehicle, which makes no sense to me. the worry should be about people lighting you from behind, not that the person in front of you is just going to slam it into reverse and come gunning for you. but a person yesterday was at least six car-lengths off the one in front of it. six. she was blocking traffic trying to get into the right turn lane. i wished i was at a longer light because her window was down and i could have walked over and asked her what the deal was. that, or used the flashlight [torch] in my trunk [boot] to land the nearest hot-air balloon festival.

why is it so disorienting to be snuck up on while in the library? is it the quiet, or the fact that you've been alone looking at books and magazines for the past three hours? i think opening a bookstore or library that was also a meeting spot is a good idea. here's the problem. i can't serve booze because inebriated people aren't the biggest on reading, you know? and that would defeat the purpose. [okay well the purpose would be having a business that made money for the owner, i.e. me.. but the stated purpose..] and i can't serve that much food, because people would jack up the merchandise with their disgusting fingers. all that's left really is a caf� type atmosphere with books, which every other bookstore already has. the problem is, being approached by strangers in a barnes & noble or borders doesn't seem any more appealing than any other setting, be it bar or triage operating table. [i mean i think random stuff is good, i'm just not the general public.] the idea would involve making a distinct point that it is a place to meet people. of course, books can't compete with fermented grains and vegetables [the tattoo on my left forearm tells me precisely this daily..]


*cough* -me


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