do you think people who scat, as in jazz type people who say things like "bebopazizza rangatoowa lamatoobie", are mad that the word scatology refers to stuff regarding the end result of digestion as opposed to what they do?

this thought, and a 9 year old from australia sending me random messages were the highlight of my evening. though i say 'highlight' with nothing more than sarcasm. i don't want any connection drawn between my uttering that word and a conversation with a 9 year old person.

in return for me not writing for the last month i expect a favor from everyone else. [this is where the guy in the corner hits a drum twice and then a cymbal once, in rapid succession. this time has now ended.] now pay attention. first, what do i do with my life for the next two years? finish school, go missing, other? okay well i had other questions but i've forgotten them. so just that.

i've decided, with very few exceptions, that i like foreign people better than, um, "people from here." this is based on the fact i've known too many people who have spent vast amount of times in other countries, seen too many good foreign television programs, and had too much good foreign food/recipes to want to stay here much longer. also, foreign people who make kitchen stadium's and wear gloves all the time along with shiny clothing and being the only person on the show not dubbed, how can such eccentricity not be silently mocked from thousands of miles of ocean? i implore you.

classes start wednesday, i am not amused.

something is not right when, after merely driving past a fried chicken joint, the interior of my car smelled of it for the better part of the next mile.

too many balls in the air.


"so i'm just kicking it
i'm counting the days
i hardly can wait
for us to hang out

.." -n.d.


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just not good enough..