something i'm going to attribute to our genius president, because i'm almost certain that is where it came from. during a speech he gave regarding the state of the economy, "..universe of assets we have in this country.." this bothers me for many reasons. [and i don't think any of them have any thing to do with beans or fixin's, or n', i'll have you know.] one, it just shows the ultra-exaggeration of western culture [american culture especially]. never happy stating something as it is. every team or product is always number one. [foam fingers tell me this..] every individual thing has everything else in some way or the other and so is perfect for everyone. i'd be gritting my teeth here, but i just don't happen to grit my teeth. two, how this can help anything, let alone something as complex as the national economy, is beyond me. i mean, i don't expect him to get up there and shrug his shoulders and say "well, the dow numbers suck lately.." but come on, a universe of assets and we had a record trade deficit last month? and three, it just makes no sense.

while i'm on things said that apparently irk me. i was sitting near a television the other day when a certain program was being watched for a few minutes. now i realize it seems i was watching it and am now attempting to brush the blame on someone else. i'm not. i wasn't watching it. [but i will say i can give you more names and ranks than i care to admit outside of these here brackets. which i truthfully say is, at most, half my fault..] so i hear something along the lines of this in the background, speaking of something they couldn't fully figure out.. "i guess it will, like fermat's last theorem, remain unanswered.." [in case you're curious, this is it.] normally the nerd in me would be supremely satisfied with such a nice bit of math trivia being dropped smack in the middle of a program, albeit an enormously nerdy one. except that theorem has been proven. i saw a reputable program on it at least two times. i'm not sure if there was a point.

now a third thing you won't care about, nor should you. i've shortened my favorites list. i just can't read some things any more. it is either exhausting or just not what want to read or something, i can't quite explain it. i find it hard to do this because i feel bad for some strange reason. i guess i worry that people care whether or not people read them. so, if you don't like to read my stuff, but feel, for any odd reason or another, obligated to keep me on your favorites list, feel free to get rid of me. i mean i like interaction coming from people reading me, but if i don't get it, it's fine too. i ramble.

okay, lastly, a thought i had on the way to, during, and on the way back from peeing in the toilet. i say this only because the toilet is near the shower, and on at least two past occasions i've had ideas in the shower that i wrote down to much ridicule and stone throwing. also, i may have said this before, and if not, then most likely someone else has. i just don't know if i've heard it before or thought it on my own. neither is important, because i thought it was an interesting thought. the idea was, what if dream and sleep are actually switched..? i mean what if we dream being awake and are awake in what we think we are dreaming. because we perceive that life influences dreams. so it would be no problem to switch that. you don't always remember dreams, but in your dreams you don't always remember life. so there's that. and you can go days with seemingly no dreams, and you can also go days with seemingly no life. [or at least i can.] i'm sure there are reasons to believe that cannot be so, but there are just as many missing reasons, as well as reasons to at least question it. i'm not really serious of course, but i like the idea anyway. perhaps it is just my head's way of making up for a lack of philosophy courses i've had for the past two semesters, and that makes the most sense. because that is a fairly dumb idea as far as philosophy goes, and coming from me, that's spot on.


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soaked in bleach.." -n.


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