something i just thought of. well a few i think. maybe one.

but also, i am really craving a doughnut or two right now. and we have a krispy kreme here, so i could go get some. but as good as they are, i can usually eat one, maybe two at a time without feeling sick afterwards. and a dozen doughnuts is something like five notes, maybe six. great, i'm cheap. you've found me out. but when the same paper could get me two huge lunches from the chinese place down the street, i have to question my product purchasing power or some other alliterative term from economics courses. so basically it's no doughnuts for me, even though i am still craving them like a certain one legged captain aboard a certain pequot craves a certain harpooning of a certain "great fish." [-"mammal." - -"whatever."]

so, i've come to realize something. i don't think i'm a big fan of friends of my friends. it falls directly in line with the fact that i'm not a big fan of people in general. and by that i mean i find at least 95% of people i come in direct contact with to be background noise. and am similarly content in being so categorized in their heads. i haven't worked out exactly why that is yet, but i have an idea. you see, i think i'm rather selective in who i can be close friends with. it isn't a very heavily thought-involved process, it just falls into place, and usually rather quickly. why i've known him for something like eight years now after having two classes and lunch together our freshman year of high school. [mind you nothing bonds two desperate souls like introduction to business and dodging the occasional ball thrown at the separatists in the corner during p.e.] as just an example. and with such an example some of his friends became my friends and so they are semi-exceptions because now they are not merely friends of a friend. i think what i mean to say is this. i think my friends, the few i have, and especially the really close tiny few, are some of the best people i could possibly have surrounded myself with. [sure i've a bias, but that doesn't mean i'm wrong.] and i am selfish and want these people around.

anyway the whole reason this is brought up is because people i know are finding new friends and new outlets and i worry about not spending time with them [as i, too, am away a good bit lately] and i hope that tiny handfuls of friends can continue as such. lunch ishmaeli? [call a pakistani brotha, or me.]

also i saw this movie, and i thought it was good. tell me i have bad taste, but i would disagree.

also this one. i can't take credit for picking it out at all. someone far cuter than i has known of its goodness for some time apparently.

i still want a doughnut. i need to sleep before it kills me.

and wimbledon starts in less than five hours. i'm excited.


"london calling
upon the zombies of death
quit holding out
and draw another breath" -t.c.


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