i believe i've just set some sort of personal record. i've had two hotdogs in less than twelve hours. as i've not had one for years, it is some sort of feat. [i didn't say necessarily good feat.] they were made by hebrew national, and i must admit, i feel a bit more kosher for having had them. of course i didn't have them on a hot dog bun, [are they called hot dogs everywhere, or sausages, or frankfurters or what?]. as i said, i haven't had one in years, so i don't really keep too many mealtime accessories around, [food wise, or other] which can be solely associated with them. so i made a piece of toast each time and then rounded it while still warm. i think it was better than anything specifically made for them. in the past few years i've come to put salt and pepper on most things i cook, and so while making said food, i was thinking that adding those two things would make it taste better. let me tell you, the one thing a hot dog does not need, is more salt. even such higher quality ones as those made by the chosen people.

so the film i went to last night [wed. eve] was about a boy, and though i overheard from five of the local university of abercrombie gang across the aisle that it was, in fact, a chick flick�, i stayed for the duration. i think hugh grant is in one good film every four years or so. i could be off as i'm basing it on two films i enjoyed that he was in, but i really enjoyed this one. that shouldn't really change your mind, as i doubt anyone would say i have good taste, but i'm going to see it again, and think that maybe you should, should you have the time. [by the way, that university's mascot is the entire eating disorder binge drinking herpes et clap spreading student population. it's a beast to get on the athletic uniforms.]

um, if someone knows of a break into writing a humor or opinion column in a paper or journal or something, let me know. not because i have a degree that qualifies me, or any real background in writing, or because i'm funny or opinionated. but mainly because i don't think dave barry is funny at all, and he makes money. so i figure anyone should be able to. right?

and i've been taking naps at dumb hours, from 18 to 2130, or from 20 to 2315, and then i cant get to sleep until 3, and then i sleep until 10 or 11. it is doing me no good. so, if i'm forced to get up early and get my column turned in on time, this will be corrected. thanks in advance.


"i will meet you
in some place,
where the light lends itself to
soft repose.
i will let you
undress me,
but i warn you
i've thorns like any rose.

and you could hurt me,
with your bare hands.
you could hurt me
using the sharp end of what you say.
i'm lost to you now,
and there's no amount of reason
that could save me.." -j.k.


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