i've just had a flash of understanding of a bit of marketing technique. so i thought i'd share. it is the whole buy one, get one free scheme. it does save the consumer some money, were they normally to buy two, while still keeping the shop owner safer than half-price deals. the same amount of money is exchanged for two items, but if someone only brings one to the register, the b.o.g.o.f. deal makes sure the grocer gets the full amount. that part has been obvious for some time. here is the more sinister consumer tactic at work, i think, that i just realized. if one were used to only buying one normally, they would get a second for free. it makes the consumer feel good about getting something for nothing. if this deal is kept up long enough, these people will get used to having two, and may continue to purchase two [absent-mindedly or on purpose] when the deal ends. luring them in to spend more money. it's just mean, and tarnishes the previously pristine dirt all over marketing's hands.

i find it all too less-than-great that i have, for some four years now, found happiness in relationships that involve lots of distance. which isn't to say all the local ones went bust, as there have been none. rather, that what i am looking for [and here i speak regarding proximity alone] is not possible, or at least not for the time being. not that i would give up anything for something that just happens to be within walking distance, never. i repeat, n, double e with a v in between them, r. i just find it so ironic that i do want to be with a person on a daily basis, that is the face i want to see, and space i want to share, and i can't. when, at the same time, everybody else i know [few exceptions] wants occasional visits from their version of "that someone". i'd laugh at it, but it isn't that funny. i can't complain too much. [but always manage to.]

if anyone wins their national lottery, or someone stateside hits the powerball or lucky7, or whatever it is wherever, if you could slide me a million or three out of your $187m; i would be very appreciative, and make a documentary of your ensuing travel, philanthropy, crime empire, own country.. honest. commentary de smarm included or excluded at your wish. [if you do not think i am serious, just try and offer me the sum.. please?]

if you a. don't watch seinfeld much, or never did, and b. don't have much good taste, you may not know that junior mints are oh so good. very refreshing.

and lastly, i need a good swim or bike ride or hug, or something..


"some day the answer will find us.
quite a long shot, but anyway.
i think the past, the past is behind us.
be real confusing if not, but anyway.
i put all my hope in tomorrow,
it's gonna be great i can tell, but anyway.
i see a new, a new day a-dawning.
i like to sleep late, oh well, but anyway.." -b.t.


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