so i still am rather unsure why i was thought to live in michigan. not in an annoyed way whatsoever, but in a curious way. as i can't think of anything [besides one rather small, specific thing] that might lead someone to believe that. so..

oh i saw a license plate the other evening while walking through a parking lot to a restaurant with really good orange juice, and by that i mean drinking an orange [he can attest to like bowling], and it said, the middle word spelling i am unsure of but it was this word, only perhaps slightly differently spelled: "B URSLF 3". oh the irony. so yeah, ishmael, i had blue sharks, and the orange in a glass and what i'm about to describe which you already know of.. good stuff.

so maybe where you live, and now this is non-specific you they still have little caesar's pizza establishments both hither and yon, but i haven't known of one within a reasonable driving distance of my regular parking spot for at least four or five years. that is no longer the case. one has been found, and it is a superb one at that. same taste, which delights me to no end. had this search only produced a 'new' and/or 'improved' version, i would be on the verge of tears, postal infractions, or the like. luckily for me it is still the same. we gorged ourselves for three meals on it. and here is the kicker. i knew the guy working the counter was gold immediately. [he's the hidden little caesar's version of ct james or ghetto subway man] [and that is a subway sandwich place in the ghetto, not some scary public transportation guy, though that would be handy person to know as well were there a metro system about.] i just knew it. and sure enough when our order was maybe, maybe five minutes later than what he had said it might be - and they were busy as bowling, and the fact that we would have waited hours for, i assume, let me ask, yes, we would have, such delicious food - he not only did not charge us for two crazy breads and three sauces, he also only charged us for a small pizza instead of a large. we tried to tell him it was fine, but he would have none of it. so our three fantastic meals were a total price of five dollars forty. our luck ranneth over. [and don't correct my grammar or word choice there, purposefully done.] oh, and it was so good. i will have to have it again soon, and maybe i can hang out with that guy, or at least chat him up a bit. seems like salt he does.


"i said maybe..[i said maybe..]
you're gonna be the one that saves me..
[that saves me..]
and after all.." -o.


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