[edit: for those of you asking, no, i'm not from michigan, but i sort of wish i were. i'm curious as to why you ask though?]

another dream with snoop [dogg, that is]. he is ever present it seems. this one involved him, snoop, dre, aerosmith, run dmc, a bunch of punks and thugs, as well as myself. of course there should have been a version of walk this way played, given that aerosmith and run dmc were there, and the fact i don't even like aerosmith, but there was some other song instead. but in the dream it seemed to be just as much in place. so, i didn't question it. what i should have questioned was when i was riding my bike around, i could hold a wheelie [there has to be a better name for this, though considering most eight-year-olds can pull it off, maybe not], which i couldn't do at age eight, and cannot do now. also it seemed to be some sort of casual meeting/reunion or something of old miners or stoneworkers. weird.

i was putting groceries in the backseat of my car last night and i noticed a young girl in the car parked next to mine. she seemed quite the disaffected teenager. anyway, she was looking out the top of a cracked window with headphones around her neck. young enough to have gone with her mom or dad to the grocery store, old enough to not want to go in with them. i locked the rear passenger-side door and shut it. when i got to the other side of the car, passing the window from which she was peering, she said to me, "i like your car.." i said "thanks" and got in my car. i was going to say, "you mean you like the stickers, right?" as my car is nothing to look at [unless you are either me, or a driver of a similar year, similar model car], but i didn't. i always like to hear that from people. and i'd like to think that maybe it made her evening, as i'm told she watched us leave and waved as we drove past on the street next to the parking places we had been parked in. that is probably a bit much, but i like it when simple things like that make my evenings.

and i saw ani on monday night. another shirt, another sticker, and another monday night in the tabernacle.. . ..


"everything i do, is judged
and they mostly get it wrong,
but oh well.." -ani


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