okay, so i admit right from the start that this may just be my opinion. done. but i don't think it is a good sign when taking a very important final exam, that one could very easily spend two hours on, only takes one thirty-five minutes.

however, this assumed poor sod was not me, so i can do nothing but shake my head and give perplexed looks as he leaves the room, both of which i did. he spent thirty-five minutes maximum. perhaps half an hour. to be fair, he is rarely in class, rarely, turned his paper in so late he just got it back today, the exam day, days after the last day of class, and never turned in an outline for it either. now i'm not necessarily a stickler for every single detail of a course syllabus, i'll grant you. but unless he had this class before and must take it again, there is no way he knows enough or spent enough time to show he did. yet the professor knows his name. hopefully only because he is a twit, but nonetheless she doesn't know all the other people in the class by name, and she is one of the most on-the-ball profs i've had. messed up how the system works. i guess.

anyway, if you know me at all, and i guess you don't, you should know i do not like to be bold. especially when the potential exists to jinx myself, and a large portion of my grade to boot. but i'm just going to say it [after i knock on some wood, though i must say i like the 'touch wood' version of that superstition better..], if ever anyone did well on an exam regarding international relations, it was this morning, and very likely me. if i screwed that one up, and think as i am that i did so well, then i don't deserve a good mark anyway. with the exception of a very few small and inconsequential questions, i messed that exam up something proper..

on the sleep front, i want it.

similarly on the new/good music front.

and the money front.

and the at-least-okay job front.

but mostly sleep..


"shooting stars in my left arm
an alcohol low
giving away time to casio
sun is slow,
i got soul..
is this where i'm going to
we'll see-e-e-e-e-ee..
we'll see
we'll see,

i kill this sleep
i'm the man in the moon" -b.


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i left my street, i'm a guillotine..