so i was looking at links of her's and ended up on some other page, maybe a page from that one even, reading some statistic regarding earth day. americans produce enough trash to fill seventy thousand garbage trucks a day. and if those trucks were placed end to end they would stretch halfway to the moon. that should be just horrific to me, but of course i've heard statistics made to scare and disgust all my life, having been in america an amount of time equal to that. so instead of frightening me into changing my habits, [which by the way i would recycle more but the local recycler does not take glass or many types of plastics, which makes no sense,] it just makes me wonder why are statistics like that always given in reference to the moon [or just as often circling the world.]? like it would go to the moon and back seven times. um, well great, but after going to the moon, and maybe back, once, the effect is lost on me. oh, seven times.. um, nice. also, the moon isn't that far anyway. we've been there, it can't be that far. i'm not sure what comparison they should use instead, feel free to suggest some, so i'm not helping any, but i know that isn't a good one.

pathetic i'm going to stop here, eh?


"water falling down a hundred meters
coloured by the sun,
in rainbow colors.
paul is driving me around
through fields of light,
blinded by the sun.
fight the clouds,
be an inhaler..
have no doubts
let them take you on a voyage to another let them take you on a voyage to another let them take you on a voyage to another.." -h.


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you, are my angel..