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i wrote some time ago. i've not since then. i thought i'd recap.

so the legal speed limit on campus is 25[mph]. with my constant 5 over that i drive, that obviously translates into 30, tops. the person in front of me did not accelerate as swiftly as i had, and didn't seem to want to go faster than the 20 he was going, so i changed lanes to go around him, he proceeded to accelrate to 35 or 40. very boring, i understand, only moments left i promise. so i park shortly thereafter, and while walking to the building containing the room in which my class is held, said person is very nearby. he is in my class, you see, and very annoying. i'm no joy to spend time with, as many people can attest to [i won't name/link them here, but will gladly list at least a handful should you wish to contact them directly], i'll admit readily to this, but wow, he's a lot to take, so i attempt not to. anyway, he informs me of the following, in a loud, almost bellowing, yet nerdy voice, that i, "shouldn't go speeding around, as [i] might get in an accident." [to be fair not his exact words, but very close.] so, i pulled the old, stare blankly ahead and blink occasionally reply. such obvious words are somewhat appreciated [though also somewhat expected] when they come from my mother, girlfriend, or a friend/professor that knows me well enough to say such. coming from people whose last name i do not know, with whom i have no conversation outside of blinking, and from people who were going faster than i, tends to irritate me. sorry. longer than it should have been.

at my favorite chinese eatery a bit more than a week ago, a man hurried the woman he was with [i presume wife, but who knows, and not relevant] with the excuse that there were people waiting. the only person behind them was me. i've been told i carry a mean face, or at least approaching such, around, so maybe he caught such a glance and thought better of taking any longer. but it was in the late evening after class, i couldn't have been more laid back and i think i was still deciding what to request from my man james.. in any case the tone with which he said it was deserving of little less than a stern look and extended wait, perhaps a smacked face. [and i don't mean kiss.] i was aggravated. what's new.

there is something disconcerting when i am supposedly a bit taller than the average american male [he'll be glad to inform you a very slight bit, but nonetheless..] and i put on a shirt that says size medium only to realize i could probably wear the "small" version of it. i'm not sure whether to be flattered or un-so.

it was raining the other day and as i was driving back from class, thoughts hit me. i think there is something very uniquely earthy of rain. what i mean is, the air is polluted, as are rivers, lakes, oceans.. natural fire is hard to really appreciate, and while i enjoy a fireplace, it doesn't really give me that feeling of connection to the earth itself. and the earth, if not polluted, is so manicured and gridded, and finding pockets of nature is harder than it should be, and those natural pockets only remain so because of horrendous climate or because they themselves have been gridded away to protect them from us. and i understand the rain is often polluted, but it doesn't smell or taste or feel like it. and it's so often refreshing, and uncontrollable, and kept away from grids and fences and seems as natural as it should.. c'est tout.

here is where i ask a favor from you people. i need new music. even getting him to burn me a cd every now and then, though appreciated, wears thin because they are usually mp3s i have as well, which means the music is on double rotation.. anyway, i cannot remember the last cd i bought. seriously, i can't. i need recommendations. more than that, recommendations with a few words telling me what it sounds like. if you have the resources and wish to burn me a cd or something, i would obviously be grateful, but that's not what i'm asking. a few that might fall under the rough category of "a mellow flow with a bit of base" [a la track 4 on this propellerheads cd, you should take a listen, it's pretty good.] a whole cd of similar music that is as i described, and not full of too much self-promotion or sexually degrading shite. just give me good flow with a bass line, you know? enough of that, any and all music, as long as you think it is really good, i would like to hear about it. or you can email me. or whatever. i appreciate any attention paid to this plea for help, in advance.


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