i'm curious about the meaning of the word "jazzy", at least when not referring to music. more specifically, what does jazzy have to do with fast-food chicken? i honestly cannot piece together a single hypothesis. even a far-fetched one. they've had their moments of genius already anyway; what with grimace, and "robble robble". they really should work on marketing a bit more though, as bringing back a spice girls', ahem, hit, is a bit much. it's not as though it is current, nor a classic - or nostalgic even - and really, the spice girls? [head tilt, raised eyebrow, certain inflection] really? this is the flash of marketing genius that hit you when you were thinking of the perfect song to make people purchase a new product. wait, i got it, we'll sell chicken, flash the word "jazzy" on the screen, and have the spice girls oldest, and possibly most annoying, song. done.

i enjoy all of my professors except one. she is anal. very. and i think those are the breaks. however, i do currently have three amazing professors. i think that should be the real focus.

silver four-door civics, stickers with oak leaves, basketball scores, interstate 65, monte sano, the park, red adidas, fck-1, running shoes, looking for cheese, plays, turtles, downtown.. all make my mind return to the same place. and i wouldn't want it otherwise.


"i think that i'm happy,
i think that i'm blessed.." -ani


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then we open our eyes..