my spring break has found me away from my fridge and couch and bed for the week, for the first time in years. i nerdily admit to keeping tabs on goings on here, both because i like to read it and because i can't let a weeks worth of updates pile up, because i'll then have to sit and read for hours. though always nice to have new things to read, it gets tedious when such is the case. in any case, as is obvious, i've not kept up with word quotas or anecdotal meanderings myself. i'll try to oblige, though you may end up getting minutiae instead, i've little idea which will show its face.

a pair of friends came up and met us at a local art museum, which we wandered through, admired, made fun of, became aghast at the fact that not only children, but apparently their grandmotherly aged companion as well, were touching the art, including an embroidered map of the world. i had to clench my teeth. [like when certain people would say things, or i'd hear of them saying things. ex: the newly engaged sweeper off feet and the one who holds aloft his one red coin for all three biomes [desert, jungle and water i guess] to see..] i've had more good food than i know what to do with. my body has had no problem knowing what to do with it though. and that is to eat it. this amazing amazing amazing tomato basil soup with fresh bread, pastries the likes of which i've never encountered, fresh baked bread with cheese, a baked potato larger than my fist [that's fairly large you should know], indian food that i have been wanting since i last had it a year ago and 700 miles away, and a few bites of amazing potato pancakes from a jewish deli right off campus.

of course this isn't my campus and it isn't my town and they aren't my restaurants, but it's nice to have for a week. among other things..

i am remiss in leaving out the rest, and i don't mean food, but am doing so for my benefit. i'm keeping it for now. something about turtles, or running, or an aversion to chocolate, or affinity for red, or a brand new shiny razor, or the stooges, or copying.. lovely.


"and when your out of fuel
i'm still afloat.." -w.


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i never thought it would come to this, now i can never go home..