i hate being so superficial but being a university student who writes about his boring life online, i feel i must contribute the mass of anecdotes and occurrences regarding people in your class, computer lab, or something similar.

so i'm forced to change seats in my international cinema class so that groups can discuss what they are going to write their papers on, of course i have no intention of discussing anything with anyone, and as the group of people to my right were showing each other pictures and talking about something i can't remember except to say it wasn't about a movie, the people behind me were far too cool, or far too looking at a wedding album, one of the two, the people to my left were discussing an entirely different movie from the one i plan to write on, and there was not a soul in front of me, i ended up keeping entirely to myself, as per said plan.

so i'm writing away when i notice this smell. and i will admit i don't often think of myself as a bed of roses, however, i try to ensure that i am not offensively odored when i go into public. this didn't seem to be on the mind of a certain person sitting directly next to me. bad body odor is not good, agreed upon, stale sweat or what have you. but it is often tolerable to a point. this was not body odor. or not from a living and human body at least. it took me forever to decipher it, and as i usually enjoy inhaling as little of such odors as i can, i may be well off, though for the life of me, and i'm unsure why, i feel as though i have nailed the sources.

:: no shower for anywhere from 4 to 13 days, depending on your rate of funkosity per day-unwashed
:: a fair amount of aged vomit, this perplexed me the longest
:: a sprinkle of two-day old urine, no pun intended
:: a dash of that smell that clothes get if you sleep in them many nights in a row without washing
:: a pinch of milk two weeks past due date, and warm, if you can pinch milk, though at that point i think you can
:: mix all but vomit vigorously, wiping any sweat from brow into the bowl
:: fold in vomit gently, so as not to let scent be diluted by fresh air.
:: soak oneself in it until absorbed
:: go to class.

i felt progressively sicker as the time passed, and wasn't hungry for the rest of the night. eating was hard.

i realize this only shows off how much i've been made to desire certain smells by society, draw any conclusions you wish, i'm not a fan of throwing up.


"you can see it in a clear blue sky,
you can see it in a woman's eyes,
you can hear it in your baby's cries,
you can hear it in your lover's sighs,
you can touch it in a grain of sand,
yeah hold it right there
in the palm of your hand,
feel it 'round you everyday,
and hear what i've got to say..

God gave me everything i want
come on,
i'll give it all to you.." -m.j.


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i'll give it all to you..