fearing upcoming, and now rapidly approaching due, assignments without actually working on them has put me in some sort of frozen state. i didn't figure out what i was going to be speaking about last week until hours before class, and since then have done nothing else in the realm of work. one of my classes certainly hinges on my ability to do last minute work in these next few hours and days, and another would be greatly helped by my not bodging it up.

i'm not sure if it's this inability to move in either direction that has silenced my typing fingers or simply the, seemingly regular, nothing to type because there is nothing going on, bit. i've been on more than a couple very short travels lately, and two of the three had me not driving. i don't think i'm a control freak [i could very well be wrong, i grant you], but i often drive, and the reason for that is because sitting in the backseat of an overly warm auto for hours on end makes my stomach not happy at all. none. both of my ride-along adventures were south to the same place, and though i like it once we're there, a lot, the drive there and back really bothers me. i don't understand why either, i just don't like it. i think it's annoying. and should you desire to ask just how a certain route might be annoying, i'm sure i'll have no answer for you, but i will say that it indeed is. maybe it's me, i have no problem with that possibility. [probability.] i hate other stretches of road too, so..

the other one of my three was north [on the same motorway actually, different part]. and it just happened. [er, not just as in: ending minutes ago, but as in: when it did occur, it was sudden.] i offered it assuming nothing would be made of it, and ended up leaving twenty-five minutes later. i took a walk in the blustery wind and had a nap, and conversed, and that was that. and somehow every time i've taken this route. every time, without exception, i have david bowie's i'm afraid of americans e.p. in my car and i listen to it. i enjoy it completely every time, but have very many mixed feelings associated with it. at the very least it's a good listen, however it makes me want to make rude gestures towards people with patriotic stickers on their cars. i refrain, and just sing really loud. [also, i listened to more bj�rk in those fourteen hours than i can remember doing in some time. what good traveling music she appears to be.]

also, last night i saw a very charming local performance of an adaptation of pride and prejudice. the actors performed quite well, and the set was very nice, especially considering it's basically community theatre. anyway, best one i've seen the group do. their best bit was the casting i think, at least half the people seemed to be the type to act a lot like their characters when not in that specific play. and yes, that is what actors do, act like they are supposed to, but you'd have to see them to see what i mean. anyway, enjoyable. and they made over three hours disappear very quickly.

i slept last night, and have barely been out of a nap more than forty minutes, and already i want to go back to sleep. this does not bode well for my need of ample studying time.

if i don't say anything this week, it's for the same reasons, if i don't the week after, for exactly the opposite.

and since i've a few drops of irish in me, wear green, get plastered, and for pete's sake [pete macgillicutty's sake that is] keep an eye on your gold.


"there's a goddess
in the doorway,
asking how much,
how much can i take.." -m.j.


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