i think the law states this is free to claim as it has been left unattended for many days now. i will attempt to excuse my absence by stating the fact [n'est pas mon avis seulement] that the past week and a half has been so filled, and for the most part so empty as well, that i've had no thoughts flow through my head not already connected to some other purpose. a paper, an essay exam on a philosophy book i didn't get around to reading, another exam in another language, intermittent quizzes, impromptu french conversation, a bit of a short trip to see a performance and the pretending i wanted to go ahead and leave that followed. also i've to sort out an outline on a paper regarding the states' sanctions on cuba, and my opinion on what possible policy changes should or should not be made, and the affects thereof, by less than twelve hours now.

am i doing it now? no, i've still to go relax for a bit with some friends and get home at some unimpressive hour only to still have said outline to start and finish. sleep is a possibility, but not one i am counting on. and i've already a headache which i must medicate if i care to get my mind off of stuff for a bit, which i need like the average cuban worker needs not have his $450 monthly paycheck taken by the government and then given $10 in return.

um, a few good things however.. i had some good cheese and cracker in french class tonight, nice prof that i have, the movie in the cinema class was really good and i want to see it again [it was this], i understand women less and less daily. i agree that doesn't necessarily seem to be such a good thing, but in this very specific case it may be.

a quick word on the grammy's. [i've just shaken my head and rolled my eyes just thinking of the few minutes i saw, let alone the rest i heard about or read..] if you'll pull your head out of the major record labels' arses, you will hear how horrible the music is that won.

what a joke.


"been thinking of you a lot, weird." -s.f.


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