a new pillow [firm as cement] or a new toothbrush are two fairly cheap ways to make me happy. [for public record i guess..]

why is it that every new male band coming out lately sounds like pearl jam, creed [which is to say pop pearl jam], or some manufactured hardcore shite? the problem is that record companies are signing bands that sound like whatever is popular at the moment. the market is flooded, the next craze is forced to start, lather, rinse, etc. i'm tired of never hearing about the good stuff until the band is years past broken up because they couldn't get a break for all the nonstop crap.

i bought some candy this past weekend that i had debated getting before. its main claim is that it can be molded like clay and then eaten. not that i'm big on handling my candy and squishing it about before ingesting it, but the concept, as well as the appearance of said candy was appealing, i must admit. unfortunately their claim was spot on. i've bitten into clay before; it has an interesting chew and texture but isn't very tasty. this candy was exactly like clay. even stuck to my fingers like clay. i'm not sure if i've ever made such a poor purchase.

i just watched a movie. given the time when also knowing i've class, i'm retarded, yes, but not the point. the point is that i feel weird. and i'm not sure how exactly either. [and no, i didn't just eat the clay.] something just isn't sitting right. i don't know if it was the movie, or that i haven't slept yet, but i hope one of those two is the case, otherwise i've done something very horrible and only my subconscious knows about it. it's a really odd and uneasy feeling.


"beautiful thoughts means i dream too much.." -m.a.


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