i saw two things on friday.

a hawk hunting in a flock of birds, all of which [hawk and birds] were flying.

and this movie. i liked everything entirely except the plot, and i liked most of it.

i guess neither was really all that great themselves, somehow they made my weekend though.

also, i think one of the biggest things i dislike is how american actions are decided upon and done completely without my consent, and then i am deemed as some sort of horrible citizen for not agreeing with what i wouldn't have agreed with in the first place. i could understand if we came to an understanding and then i, with no reason other than whimsy, called "rat." but that just isn't the case. [i also understand every national decision can't be up for public vote, else nothing would get done.] of course, given the actions of the government in recent months and presumably for some time to come, i'm quite fine with dissenting. so forget i mentioned it..

[lastly, someone tell me something to write about, i haven't had a thought in days..]


"you think i'd shoot you..?" -k.s.


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