for my birthday i get to go to class. not that i feel special and i should be exempted from them, not to mention i just could not go, but what i mean to say is that is extent of my day. besides which i don't skip class. i'm a nerd, i'll grant you that, and it's not as if i never have, i just very rarely do. the few times i've missed a class in the past few semesters have been because of sleeping through them. what's the point of taking a class if you don't go? well, many reasons i realize, mostly i don't study much so i need all the time exposed to the subject matter as i can.

this isn't very cohesive. i just have little to say lately. obviously.


"it's getting cold and
i'm starting to sneeze,
i wipe my nose on my sleeve.
i've got the sniffles
i'd better drink my tea.
oh do you do you wanna wanna catch a cold with me?" -j.


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number 9.. .   .? andy andy andy, get your adverbs here

do you do you wanna wanna wanna wanna do you do you wanna do me..