even with my inadvertent one hour of sleep this morning, my eyes hurt like someone has a hair dryer blowing on them constantly. that, or i've my head out the window of a swiftly moving auto. somehow one hour was enough to refresh for my test and quiet my headache, and enough to wear off just as i return. i think i might stay awake until tonight when i will hit my pillow not very much unlike so many bombs dropped on european soil during the world wars. [that was the sorriest [is that a word?] excuse for a reference to the subject matter of the exam i just took. bombs, pfff.] in any case sleep will take over faster than you can say hitler's taking the rest of czechoslovakia after chamberlain gave him the sudetenland because he knew britain wasn't ready to go back into war and the league of nations was dead in the corner. that doesn't really let you know that i will be asleep quick as that is quite a lot to say, but i will. [also, i've no idea how i did on said exam, it was much harder than that asinine reference..]

i was in the shower this morning trying to wake myself up before continuing studying, obviously wasn't very good at accomplishing that, and i had some music on and i had just watched a movie [when i grew weary of reading about int'l political theory, which i'm sure you can imagine doesn't take too long..] and i'm horrible at pretending, i suck at it, so maybe it was my sleep deprived head, but i closed my eyes and got lost somewhere in my head and the water running down me felt like soft, brushing fingertips. and i knew it wasn't real. and i wanted to sit down in the shower, and run down the drain, but i had to study..


"i'm feeling sick
fuck this
i've felt like this for a week.." -b.+s.


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