whether i go attempt to get about four hours sleep or not is the current dilemma. i've more to study for an exam in about seven hours regardless. and i'm afraid if i try i will end up getting something like two for all the tossing due to my return to sleep habits of the night watchman down the factory. two hours i fear will do little more than piss me off, or worse i won't wake up and then i can watch that class disappear as missing such an exam would be unsalvageable. i know i won't be happy with no sleep, but i've plenty of time to nap before i've to go to the class i know too well as the worst thing to happen to cinema since jean-claude van damme. at least you can laugh at some of his attempts.

meanwhile i've still to read and understand to some degree the political events [actual, theoretical, and possible alternatives to what did occur] from the end of world war i through and to the end of world war ii. i'd be fine if it were only that chapter, but the three preceding it in addition cause a memory problem, if nothing else.

if midterms and papers don't actually leave me dead somewhere in the liberal arts building in the next few weeks, i can only imagine i'll be taken away as i fear my sanity, as well as my desire to maintain the status quo in that department, are going to suffer.

also, i've decided i would like to live in a movie. the reasoning will follow: i would do the same thing over and over and my existence would only ever happen in increments of a few hours at a time. however, and i see this as the shining bit, the rest of the time i would sit on a shelf and sort of not exist. [or sleep at least.] this idea intrigues me to no end.

that, or pay me to travel. i will do that indefinitely if allowed and funded. if you can make either happen, let me know.


"never know what i came for
seems that i've forgotten" -n.d.


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