i'm not even sure if i can trace it exactly, but here is an attempt to explain how i thought it was tuesday when it is actually thursday. i had fallen into a week or two of fairly normal sleep only to have it fall apart a week before finals. [a choice time as any.] finals were a blur of cramming last possible minute, chinese food, and very little sleep. since classes end i've spent many a late night at a polish friend's house, either playing ping-pong or watching a movie from his vast collection [think library of congress sized, but of contemporary films, plus three copies of the blob.] i've spent at least a few nights being a complete nerd, elaboration not forthcoming, and then the holidays. nights of watching movies alone, that i've seen many times already. one spent making a last minute gift off the top of my head. a sister-in-law and brother [er, the two are not and have never been married, i.e. she did not become related via him.] in town a few overlapping days. and some weird illness the past few days involving a fever and freezing to death. not to mention very realistic, albeit impossible, dreams. most recently today's, which came to center around my younger brother's involvement in a bank heist plan of my friends and myself, wherein a person from my primary school days paid off said brother a measly twenty-thousand so that he [old school person, literally] could leave the country with the remainder of some twenty-plus-million. i woke up less than peachy, one might say, and apparently thinking it was tuesday, as the information that not only had tuesday passed already, but wednesday as well, left me, well, in a state of discontent. the fact that holiday ends and classes begin at the same moment, although both being necessary for the other to occur, is a double whammy as far as i am concerned, and i am taking as such. and they both occur sometime between sunday and monday. i need another break.


"your life is not your own.." -s.p.


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